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Monday, 23 December 2013

Promarker pro to be

Well after nearly selling my promarkers through lack of use two yrs ago and then refinding them again.. I am back to them being babies. 
I have reorganised them better for easier usage and finding the colours I want. Iv made a colour chart and iv been watching tutorials online to help me along abit. Iv realised now that when I coloured before it was mainly trial and error and I was just colouring in nice pictures and if I was lucky then the colours wud blend right. Now I'm goin out my way to learn to do this properly. I have started makings colour journal and it's amazing how much pleasurable it is to colour when I actually know which colours are the best together before I even start. Wish id have done this years ago. So for anyone just starting out with promarkers please please organise and practice as much  as u can as it makes for a more enjoyable hobby.. 

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